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Selecting the Right Child Care

How To Choose the Right Child Care Center.

Selecting the right child care center is a very important decision for every parent. Naturally you’ll want to do an on-site visit. There’s a lot to consider. Here are a few suggestions to help you through the process.

A Child Care Checklist:

  • Is there adequate supervision?
  • Is there a high teacher-to-pupil ratio?
  • Do you observe a lot of one-on-one attention?
  • Are there adults trained in emergency first aid and infant/toddler CPR?
  • Are there specific areas for different types of play?
  • Are the toys interactive and stimulating to the senses?
  • Are the children read to at least twice a day?
  • Are work and play surfaces kept clean?
  • Does center have a detailed plan to follow in an emergency?
  • Are first aid kits readily accessible?
  • Are cleaning supplies out of reach?
  • Is staff subject to criminal history background checks and fingerprinting?
  • Is outdoor play equipment well maintained?
  • Does the center have formal written job descriptions?
  • Does the center conduct regular parent/staff evaluations?
  • Did you feel welcome on you visit?
  • Is the center Quality Start rated?

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