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School Readiness Tax Credits

Teachers And Directors Are Also Eligible For School Readiness Tax Credits.

Teachers and directors are the heart of any child care center. They are the engines that drive its success. With that in mind, the Louisiana Legislature passed a very unique package of tax credits in 2007 known as the School Readiness Tax Credits. No other state has this package of tax credits in support of quality child care. The tax credits took effect on January 1, 2008.

Here’s How It Works.

The SRTCs are essentially a wage supplement (or salary bonus) for child care teachers and directors, and are NOT dependent on whether the teacher or director owes taxes. These refundable credits are provided directly to child care teachers and directors based on the amount of education and training they have attained. The wage supplements are linked to the Louisiana early care and education career ladder. The amount of the credit will vary, with higher credits for increased education and training.

Child care teachers and directors are eligible if they work for at least six months at a licensed, center-based early care and education program that participates in Quality Start and have enrolled in the state early care and education practitioner registry known as Louisiana Pathways.

More information on eligibility requirements and tax credit levels can be found here.

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