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Quality Start: What’s in It for You?

Of course, the ones who will benefit the most from Quality Start are the children. But as a staffer there’s a lot in it for you too.

Here are the top four incentives for working at a Quality Start participating center:

  • The SRTC Tax Credits
  • Louisiana Pathways Scholarships
  • CCR&R Technical Assistance
  • Child Care Mental Health Consultations

SRTC Tax Credits

Staffers of child care centers participating in Quality Start will receive a refundable tax credit based on their professional level. The School Readiness Tax Credits are designed to help promote the quality of child care in Louisiana. Everybody wins – the centers, the parents and especially the children.

Louisiana Pathways Scholarships

As a member of Louisiana Pathways, your center can offer you a significant advantage in continuing education. Louisiana Pathways scholarships can benefit staff career advancement as well as improving the overall quality of the center.

CCR&R Technical Assistance

The Louisiana Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (LACCRRA) works with the regional DCFS funded Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&R) to support and coordinate services. Services offered by these groups include consumer education and referrals to child care, data collection, training of child care providers, technical assistance, and advocacy.

Child Care Mental Health Consultations

Mental health consultation is an innovative approach to supporting the healthy development of young children. The duties of the Mental Health Consultant are tailored to meet the needs of the child care center staff, including assisting caregivers in promoting healthy development, helping centers establish linkages with other agencies as well as referral sources for children with special needs, and providing proactive coaching on techniques designed to prevent the development of problematic behavior.

Getting Started Is Easy.

Encourage your center to participate in the Quality Start program. It’s as easy as completing an application for participation in Quality Start and submitting the application along with a copy of the center’s current Class A license and completed W-9 to the address below. Information explaining the process for participation in Quality Start and how to obtain an application may be obtained from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) website or from one of the DCFS contracted Resource and Referral Agencies.

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