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Do It For The Children. Do It For Your Career.

As a staff member at a Quality Start participating child care center, you can receive refundable tax credits, as well as a boost to your own career advancement. Quality Start is a voluntary program for licensed child care providers, designed to recognize, support, and increase the quality of child care throughout Louisiana. Participating centers can earn up to five stars. Quality Start offers training and incentives to child care staff to help increase their professional rating and improve their personal career paths.

How Does The Star Rating System Work?

Quality Start rates child care centers on a scale from 1 to 5 stars:

  • 1 STAR – The one star rating indicates that the center has a license in good standing and no outstanding deficiencies.
  • 2 STARS – The two star rating indicates that the center staff has received more specialized training and the center has completed a self-assessment plan.
  • 3–5 STARS – The three to five star rating indicates the center provides quality child care based on staff qualifications and the Environment Rating Scales (ERS).

Getting Started

First, the center where you work must complete an application to participate in the Quality Start Child Care Rating System. The Division of Development and Early Learning then reviews the center’s most recent licensing survey. If there are no outstanding deficiencies, the center will be awarded one star. From there, your center can apply for two to five stars by documenting that the criteria for that star rating has been met. There is no fee to participate in Quality Start. Applications may be obtained from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services Child Care Quality Specialist or the CCR&R agency in your region. For more information about the Quality Start Child Care Rating System, call (225) 342-0694.

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