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School Readiness Tax Credits

What do School Readiness Tax Credits mean to your business?

The primary goal of the Quality Start system is the improvement of Louisiana’s child care industry. But we also realize that child care centers are businesses, and as businesses they have to deal with a tight economy, not to mentilon the normal needs of any business. That is why we created the School Readiness Tax Credit Program.

In 2007, the Louisiana Legislature passed a very unique package of tax credits known as the School Readiness Tax Credits (SRTC). No other state has this package of tax credits in support of quality child care. The tax credits took effect on January 1, 2008. They are designed specifically to help our member businesses.

The SRTCs are a package of refundable state tax credits designed to support quality child care. Some of these state tax credits are available to businesses and are NOT dependent on whether the business owes state income or corporate franchise taxes. The credits are available to both for-profit and non-profit businesses. There are two types of SRTCs available to businesses/employers: 1) a refundable state tax credit based on a percentage of the “eligible expenses” incurred in support of child care centers participating in Quality Start, and 2) a refundable state tax credit for donations made to child care resource and referral agencies.

How Else Can You Benefit?

Businesses that support quality child care will also be eligible for a tax credit based on the star rating of the center. These credits may include businesses that construct, renovate, or expand a child care center, purchase equipment for a center, maintain or operate a center, or subsidize child care for their employees. Businesses may also receive a tax credit for donations made to Child Care Resource and Referral agencies.

To find out more about SRTC eligibility and requirements, click here.

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