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Quality Start Model

The Future of Early Child Care and Education.

Created to raise both statewide awareness of quality child care, as well as the quality and professionalism of each center it serves, the Quality Start model points the way to a bright future for child care in Louisiana.

Quality Start is a voluntary star rating system for licensed child care centers designed to increase the quality of child care and early learning for all children throughout Louisiana. Both Class A and Class B licensed centers may choose to participate and can earn up to five stars based on meeting standards for quality. Even though the rating goes up to five, all star levels signify excellence. For instance, a rating of three stars indicates that the center is well above current state requirements and is an outstanding center.

The Quality Start Model has been designed to support an enhanced child care system for our state. Parents and the public will be able to understand the quality of care being provided in the child care centers in their communities. They will gain more understanding of the valuable work that child care providers do in assisting families in nurturing the development of our state’s young children. Providers will have a way of communicating the thought and care they put into creating a child care program that goes well beyond care and becomes an early education program. Quality Start should help raise the awareness of the whole community about how vital a quality child care experience is for children.

This model sets standards for child care providers to aspire to, and there will be substantial supports provided by the Department of Children & Family Services – Division of Child Development and Early Learning. This assistance will come in the form of scholarships for staff education, training on specific standards, increased reimbursement for children in the Child Care Assistance Program and tax benefits through the School Readiness Tax Credits.

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